The Gift of a Garden

My summer holiday began beautifully this year. Having a career that provides me with a lengthy summer break is amazing in and of itself but this one has been particularly joyful so far. Last summer gave me the gift of time with my dad, who lived with us for several months before we lost him this past fall. That difficult time left me with a strange mixture of feelings such as gratitude, grief, love, and anger. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to get to know dad as well as I did last year, but the experience obviously left me and my family devastated and exhausted. I made a promise to myself before this summer began, that I would enjoy some real peace and relaxation. During my first week off, my mom helped with this in a big way.

Spending time in mom’s garden has always brought on a sense of wonder at the knowledge and patience she has applied to her incredible outdoor space. The house that my husband and I live in now is our first one with a yard and we know next to nothing about creating beautiful gardens. Last year we had some mild success with vegetables, and it was a goal of mine to try my hand at pretty plants and flowers this year. So the first day of this summer holiday, mom gave up several  hours of her time to plant a beginner garden for me.

Mom helped me create a serene space for reading, working, and playing with my dog. More valuable than any of that though was the time and knowledge she shared, which, not only boosted my gardening IQ, but reminded me of how lucky I am to still have one loving and generous parent. While I will never stop missing my dad’s love and wisdom, I am grateful for the many ways that my mom continues to provide me with comfort and guidance.

Check out this clip of adorably enthusiastic gardening expert, Ciscoe Morris, who we learned about on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The love he has has for his craft is inspiring so I had to share.

The Joyful Ciscoe Morris


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