Pregnancy Frustration: What Helped Spin the Bad into Good


For a couple of months now, I have been wanting to to write something about trying to stay positive when life starts throwing negatives at you. As a pregnant person, who has always had some issues related to anxiety, I have worked to make my pregnancy a time of peace and joy. My baby won’t benefit from experiencing my stress on a regular basis so these days I really do make an effort to handle unpleasantness in my life in a healthy manner. I wouldn’t say that my pregnancy has been difficult, but I have experienced a couple of unexpected complications during this journey that have briefly taken away the peaceful, calm feelings that I try so hard to maintain.

I wasn’t even going to take the gestational diabetes test. I did it only to be extra cautious because there are a couple diabetes cases in my family. There were quite a few tears of frustration when the results came back positive. I pitied myself for having to cut sweet treats out of my diet, for having to prick my finger throughout each day, for having to take time and energy that I barely had to count carbs and plan meals. Gestational diabetes brings all the dietary inconveniences of regular diabetes (the big, positive difference being that this type generally goes away once the baby is born) so going out to eat can be frustrating. Here is the binder of nutritional facts that my husband and I had to request the first night we ate at a restaurant after receiving the test results.

As pregnancy problems go, this was obviously not the worst thing that could have happened, but it frustrated and upset me nonetheless. In my last post, I mentioned a couple of podcasts that I enjoy listening to when my spirits need lifting. This clip from the Jocko Podcast, hosted by the highly inspirational former Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink, explains how negatives can be spun into positives if we view them in the right way. 

Image result for jocko willink

Jocko’s aggressively motivational words in this clip actually fill me with the warm and fuzzies. As he states, negative moments and situations almost always provide us with opportunities to learn and to sharpen our problem solving skills. In the case of my diabetes situation, I was forced to start carefully reading the labels on food products before buying and consuming them. I gained invaluable knowledge about how to eat more appropriately and I now feel grateful for the push towards mindful eating that this diagnosis gave me. I enjoy more vegetables, and both baby and I are taking in more natural vitamins. Learning along with me, my husband started strictly limiting his carbohydrate intake and has lost about 20 pounds. If I could have made my way through the pregnancy without the burden of gestational diabetes, that would have been great, but I am appreciative of the learning that took place because of it, as well as the positive habits that it has inspired.

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