Thank You for the Love

I have a hard time imagining anyone getting through the various pregnancy/new baby emotions and discomforts without a giant support system behind them. In previous posts, I have mentioned the sweetness that that my family showed throughout my pregnancy and the incredible gratitude I have for them and all that they have done. I have not even written about the beautiful baby showers that were thrown by my mom and sister-in-law, and by my husband’s mom and sister. From the adorable decorations to the amazing food and mountains of gifts, we were absolutely spoiled by the loving people in our lives. Our friends have provided us with drawers full of diapers and wipes and our professional colleagues touched our hearts with their contribution of clothes, blankets, and toys that we cannot wait to share with our little man.

I haven’t posted a thing in over 2 months; what I have been doing is caring for our now 2 month old baby. While my state of being as a new mom bounces mainly between pure joy and extreme exhaustion, I try my best to spend time focusing on the acts of kindness that have brought me and my son through the fear and the fog of late pregnancy and early parenthood. It may go without saying, but I really would like to say it here, that I feel some serious love for my husband and all that he did to make the baby’s welcome home a warm one. It was such a joy to watch him in the stores examining sound machines and baby carriers, wanting to ensure that our son has the best of everything. During the pregnancy, he spent evenings tackling home improvements: putting new windows in to make the house cozy, installing beautiful floors that the little guy can safely crawl around on, building baby furniture, painting and hanging pictures in the nursery. Not only did the effort and time that he gave to prepare for the baby touch my heart, it also filled me with gratitude.

Just as I suspected it would, the selfless support that I saw during my pregnancy continues now that our baby is here. As well as having a husband who is still working to make our home as beautiful as possible, I have an immediate family filled with people who are routinely dropping off food for me and gifts for the baby, offering to watch the little guy so I can sleep, and helping me to keep some semblance of cleanliness and organization around the house. Here is a pic of my 7 year old nephew happily sorting baby clothes and putting them on hangers for me.


I know how lucky I am to be on the receiving end of these continual acts of kindness. The amazing people in my life inspire me; their sweet actions make my life better. Check out this video that shows the amazing effect that kindness can have on everyone around you,  from my favourite website,  SoulPancake

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