Motherhood: Better than I Was Led to Believe

Before my baby was born, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t ever be a mom who scared expecting mothers with talk of how draining and stressful parenthood can be. When I was pregnant I was told some absolutely awful stuff by other moms I met; they made me feel very worried about everything from my marriage to my body to my mental and physical health. I was never offended when women wanted to share parenting advice and experiences with me but I was pretty surprised at how certain people saw my belly as a sign that I needed to be warned about the hardships that I was about to suffer.

So for myself and anyone reading who has been through this or who is planning to have a baby someday, I put together this list of ways my life has been improved and enhanced since having my baby.

1. I’m forced into the here and now: I’m really bad at staying in the present moment. I’m a big time over thinker/ worrier and while having a baby hasn’t exactly made me less anxious, it often puts me into a pretty zen state. When I’m feeding him, bathing him, or playing with him, I can’t be focusing on thoughts of the past or future. I have a human to keep alive and nurture, my thoughts and energy remain primarily on him throughout each day.

2. Kids shows today really entertain me: My little guy recently began noticing the tv and, much like his mommy, he really enjoys it. When I put on a kids shows during our couch snuggle time, my son isn’t the only one entertained by what we see. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of shows that I find almost intolerable, but others have me smiling and even occasionally laughing out loud. Here are some of my favourites:

3. He has brought our families together in such a beautiful way: Since before he was born, our little guy has been giving the people we love a wonderful reason to spend time together. It is so cool knowing that, just by existing, this tiny boy has the power to create bonds and bring joy to the people in his life.

4. I always have someone to talk to: Being with my baby 24/7 is both overwhelming and fantastic. As a super chatty individual, I really enjoy having a little person who looks at me with adoration no matter what I say. I realize that at 4 months old, he understands nothing that I’m saying, but nonetheless I love our one sided conversations.

5. The heart-bursting cuteness!! From staring into his bright blue eyes to hearing his perfect baby laugh, I spend a good portion of my day smiling at my chubby little angel. All it takes is a look from him and I feel how I imagine the Grinch felt when his heart grew at the end of the story; it’s this swelling up of love and happiness that makes me feel incredibly grateful. I love taking cute pictures, putting on cute outfits, and shopping for things to enhance his already adorable nursery and wardrobe. Holidays present such a fun opportunity for all of this; here are some pics from a silly impromptu photo shoot I did with him one day featuring the sweet Easter outfits we have been given!

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