The Happiest Places on the Internet

Writing this blog is my attempt to spread some good, maybe brighten the day of a reader every now and then. My searches for uplifting information and stories often lead me down inspirational internet rabbit holes. Here are 5 online spots that bring a big smile to my face:

1. Soulpancake: Here you will find the adorable and inspirational Kid President series of videos, a favourite of students in every grade I have ever taught. I could spend hours at a time watching and reading about happiness and positivity at Soulpancake; I’m especially entertained by their Science of Happiness videos that explore the many ways we can add more joy to our lives. This one is all about love and gratitude and it’s my favourite:

2. Good News Network: This is the site I wish I could have created. Unlike every other news network that I know of, GNN shares important stories with the goal of spreading hope. I always feel more safe and less freaked out by the world after I read something they post. Their whole site and Youtube channel is full of content that will warm your heart, like this very optimistic recap of last year:

3. The Dad: The Dad’s Instagram and Twitter posts frequently have me laughing aloud. On this site, you will find funny videos, sweet stories, and clever memes, all related to the highs and lows of being a parent. Check out a couple of adorable items from their shop!

4Edutopia: If you’re a teacher (or person with any interest in education) you can luckily find a wealth of online info, support, and inspiration. Edutopia is one of many helpful teacher Instagram accounts I follow and I highly recommend visiting their site frequently to stay on top the latest in positive and motivational educational theory and practice.

5HelloGiggles: This site accurately describes itself as “a positive community for women”. Here you will find everything from empowering stories of women changing the world to makeup tips to entertainment and relationship posts. HelloGiggles was co-founded by one of my favourite celebrity ladies, Zooey Deschanel; here she is explaining the beautiful philosophy that led to her site’s creation:

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