This Dad’s Holiday Gesture is the Sweetest Expression of Father-Daughter Love

I love stories that remind me of what Christmas spirit looks like. When I read this New York Times article about a dedicated dad (click here for the full article) it brought to mind my own father, who we lost a couple of years ago and who I can easily imagine doing what this gentleman did. Hal Vaughn is a 65 year old man whose daughter Pierce, 25, was recently hired by Delta Airlines. Not wanting his daughter to work through Christmas and be without family, Hal, who is recovering from a broken neck, took on the chaos of holiday travel to board 6 of Pierce’s flights during a 3 day span just to be with her.

Neither Hal nor Pierce considered their holiday arrangement to be something special; it was fellow passenger, Mike Levy, who found their story so touching that he posted it to Facebook, where it has been shared over 35 000 times. Thanks Mike and New York Times for spreading some beautiful holiday news!!

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