This New Podcast Tackles Parenting Topics with Honesty and Humour

I love love love listening to podcasts. I play them while I cook, drive, eat…there seems to be one for whatever mood I’m experiencing. Sometimes I want the total silliness of Tigerbelly (hosted by Bobby Lee and his partner Khalyla Kuhn) or Your Mom’s House (Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky’s show), other times I want the spiritual conversations provided by The Duncan Trussell Family Hour or the religious and philosophical issues of Waking Up with Sam Harris. The podcasts I like best make me think and make me laugh, but since having my baby I also appreciate anything that gives me useful parenting info, or at least makes me feel better about our own struggles with parenthood.


The hosts of Childish, Alison Rosen and Greg Fitzsimmons, are comics and friends who have joined forces to create a podcast that focuses on stories from their respective childhoods, calls from listeners, and their own parenting highs and lows. Alison is raising a toddler and expecting her second child, while Greg has a teenage son and daughter. I have given a couple other parenting podcasts a try, but I truly enjoy this one for its funny take on mom and dad problems as well as the sweet chemistry between Alison and Greg. Give it a listen:

Image result for childish pod

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