Showing Your Fur Baby Love Can be Tough When a New Bundle of Joy Arrives; Here’s Some Helpful Advice

Max is our yellow lab, and was the first “baby” my husband and I had together. He is a big, silly fur ball of love and about 14 months ago his world, and ours, was turned upside down by another adorable creature, our sweet baby boy. I knew a lot of things would change when I became a mom, I didn’t realize our relationship with Max would be one of them. We adore our dog and are frequently amazed by his gentle nature and patience with our son, but the truth is we could have done a better job showing him our appreciation when the baby first came home.

Though it didn’t take long for our kid and our dog to become total besties, there was a period of time when I’m sure Max was bummed out by the sudden infrequency of cuddles, walks, treats, etc. The tips in the post below from Dogster would have been super helpful during the first few months of our kiddo’s life.

Image result for dogster

All of the advice in the post makes good sense; something as simple as talking to your pet while busy with one of your million daily parental tasks can make doggy or kitty feel like they’re still a part of the family. Thank you Dogster for working to keep our fur babies happy!

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