There Is So Much to Love About These Canadian Children’s Musicians

With a little one running around our house now, the things we watch and listen to are pretty kid-centric. There are plenty of songs and shows that we find intolerable, but sometimes the kids’ stuff genuinely entertains us, makes us laugh and, occasionally, cry.

Splash ‘N Boots came together as music students at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario; they currently have a show on Treehouse that features their uplifting, energetic music. Songs like Shake It (featuring dancing grandma’s shaking their booties) are fun and silly; Puddle Jumping  is super catchy and almost impossible not to dance to; I Love You Most and Love You So are adorable and heart warming; but my favourite is Sweet as Honey, which I have never been able to listen to without getting misty-eyed. If you have ever loved a child, you will likely be moved by this song’s beautiful words: “You’re as sweet as honey, you’re a ray of sunshine, you’re as cute as a button all of the time, on a cloudy day you make the sky blue, but the greatest thing you do is be you.”

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Splash ‘N Boots (aka Nick Adams and Taes Leavitt) are spreading love with more than songs; they have been performing free shows for patients at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto since their careers began. They donate portions of their album sales to the hospital, and as Leavitt states in an article from Kingston this Week, “I hope we can write cheques for millions one day.”

For another reason to love these two, watch their Entertainment Tonight Canada interview (below), in which they explain the Big Heart Awards, which were given out during their Big Love, Kisses, and Hugs Tour to kids who exemplify kindness. The award was inspired by a young fan who was being bullied at school.

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