Get Inspired by the Natural Beauty of these Classroom Decor Items

In 2 weeks, my maternity leave is ending, I am returning to my classroom, and life as a teacher-mom officially begins. A few days ago, I visited my class to check in and get an idea of where the kiddos are and what they’re going to need from me. Seeing my room for the first time in several months was both exciting and overwhelming. I have a lot to do: planning lessons, organizing materials, connecting with my students, parents, and colleagues…and then there’s the decor.

Inspired by teaching philosophies like Montessori and the Reggio Emilia Approach, some of the popular current trends in primary classroom design revolve around natural materials and neutral colours. Bright bulletin boards and eye catching banners are no longer encouraged in rooms where young children are learning. The commonly held belief amongst many who teach little ones is that the learning space should appear as a blank slate that invites the children to create, to make their mark on the environment so that it feels as comfortable and personal as possible.

My own classroom is far from Pinterest-worthy, but the images below are making me feel motivated to change that. Not only are these decor pieces adorable, they look like projects I might be able to successfully tackle. It is officially a 2019 teaching goal of mine to create some nature-inspired items like these!

Kindergarten Classroom Reveal-14
I have made a couple attempts at a Wonder Wall, with hopes of inspiring the kids to share questions that come to them throughout the day. It hasn’t worked very well so far, but with an inviting beige/burlap setup like this, I can imagine students lining up to add their own creative, colourful touches to the neutral design.
Lately I’ve been seeing posts about the importance of allowing kids to paint/ draw on a vertical surface (apparently this inspires creativity in a way that using paper on a table cannot). I have come across some pretty creative vertical drawing and painting ideas, but this seems like one I can implement without too much difficulty. It appears that all I need is some paper, clipboards and a means of affixing them to a wall.
Scissor Holder

I’m not sure I could successfully create this one…at least not without a bit of help from my handy husband. Luckily, it is available for purchase online
so even the non-handy can enjoy its beauty!
Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities: On Display: Thinking and Learning in Room 122
I love the idea of incorporating family photos into my classroom design. It adds a cozy touch and acts as a reminder that students should feel comfortable in the space.

For further inspiration, check out my classroom design board on Pinterest!

5 thoughts on “Get Inspired by the Natural Beauty of these Classroom Decor Items

  1. I love these! They have such a nice rustic feel to them. I would have loved to see this in my classroom as a child. I look forward to seeing more like this, thank you for sharing! 🙂


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