I have always been a big fan of stand up comedy; I so respect the way a good comic can find humour in embarrassing, upsetting, even traumatic stuff that happens. They possess this wonderful ability to spin negative events into entertainment that brings joy and laughter to audiences. I especially appreciate a funny, honest parenting story, which is why comedy about the frustration and exhaustion of raising kids makes me so happy. Here are some of my favourite mom/dad stand up comedians and their hilarious takes on parenthood:

Jim Gaffigan: This father of 5 has plenty to share about the highs and lows of being a parent. His bits about living and travelling with his family are very funny; I personally love the video below about the struggle of putting little ones to sleep.

Christina P: I loooove this lady! From the hysterical Your Mom’s House podcast she does with husband, Tom Segura, to her 2 Netflix specials, she gets me laughing on a regular basis. Check out the trailer for Mother Inferior below then get on Netflix and watch the whole thing!

Ali Wong: Ali’s experiences as a wife and mom make for super funny and relatable material. If you’re a parent and/or a comedy fan, you must watch Baby Cobra as well as her most recent special, Hard Knock Wife.

Pete Holmes: New dad to a baby girl, Pete has a lot to say about the miracle of life in this interview from the AV Club. Be sure to also watch his HBO show, Crashing,then check out his specials, Faces and Sounds and Dirty Clean.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mention of:

Sebastian Maniscalco and his hilarious family-centric Netflix special, Stay Hungry; Tom Papa, who has a couple of Netflix specials (my fave is Live in New York City) and an abundance of super funny bits about being a dad; married new parents, Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher, who shot a special together last year called The Endless Honeymoon Tour; and Ron Funches, who lovingly jokes about parenting a son with autism, in his Comedy Central special, Giggle Fit.

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  1. I love stand up comedy. In Manchester there are plenty of small bars that host comedy nights for up and coming comedians to perform. It can be really funny, although I have watched some comedians that were just awkward to watch


    1. You should check out Comedians of the World on Netflix…as the name suggest, it features comics from everywhere including England!


  2. This is the most fun post ever!! I love comedy and especially stand up! They’re not regular parents… they’re cool parents. Great post!


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