If you watched TV in the 90s/ early 2000s, chances are you’re familiar with Steve Irwin and his show, Crocodile Hunter. Before Steve’s sudden passing in 2006, he endeared himself to audiences with his extensive knowledge of, and infectious passion for, Australian wildlife. When he tragically lost his life to a stingray injury, he left behind a beautiful wife, daughter, and son who are working to this day to spread Steve’s message of love and respect for nature.

Steve’s widow, Terri, is a dedicated mom to the couple’s 2 children and owner of the Australia Zoo. Her Twitter posts are a mix of animal images and info, and heartwarming pics of her family. She still tweets about her late husband and the wonderful mark he left on the world.

Robert Irwin, Steve’s charismatic son, has made a name for himself with his striking wildlife photography and an enthusiasm for animals that rivals his dad’s. He is a frequent guest on late night shows, working to raise awareness for the Australia Zoo and the cute creatures who live there. If you want to laugh today, watch Robert and his animals terrify Kevin Hart on this Tonight Show appearance.

Steve and Terri’s daughter, Bindi, routinely shares tributes to her mom, dad, and brother. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts exude love and appreciation for her dad’s work and the work that her mom continues to do. Like the rest of her family, Bindi is committed to maintaining and promoting the Australia Zoo and to spreading a message of conservation and respect for nature.

Give these lovely people a follow if you’d like to add some positivity to your feeds. Also, check out Crikey! It’s the Irwinson Animal Planet. Happy Family Day all!!

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  1. I love this family. They do such amazing work and are wonderfully positive people. This reminded me that I need to catch up on watching Crikey! It’s The Irwins before the next season happens.


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