Our kid reeeeeeally likes TV; yes, we have screen limits in place, but when we need to make food, tidy up, or get 5 minutes of calm, we rely on the magic of Sesame Street to hold our son’s attention. Because we let him watch TV, I am always happy to find info that alleviates some of my screen time related mom guilt. I was particularly excited to come across a study about people exposed to Sesame Street as kids, which linked watching the adorable, educational show with higher academic test scores.

The research did not point to increased graduation rates or career success, but it did show a correlation between watching the show before the age of 7 and doing well in school. I have to admit, knowing this is making me feel just a bit better about letting our little guy enjoy the sweet storylines and ABC-123 songs provided by Elmo and friends.

If I’m being honest, our kid isn’t the only one in the house who appreciates the show. My husband and I often find ourselves getting excited by the A-list celebrity cameos, and we have regular discussions about our favourite characters. His logical, science-y brain enjoys the problem solving skills depicted by Super Grovr; while I connect with the comical eccentricities of Ernie. Most of the regular characters actually have their own cute Twitter accounts, which I highly recommend following.

For a children’s show, Sesame Street receives a lot of love and attention from grown ups. A few weeks ago, my family and I couldn’t stop listening to a viral clip from the show that featured Grover saying what sounded like an inappropriate word. Click below and decide for yourself what he actually said:

The show was trending again just last week when they posted a Twitter question that intrigued celebrities and us regular people alike. When they asked whether Grover, Elmo, Oscar, or Cookie Monster would be the best companion on a deserted island, famous folks like Joss Whedon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were quick to share their strong opinions. Read ET Canada’s coverage of the entertaining story here. The debate actually got kind of intense, proving the loyalty and passion that fans feel for this wonderful show and its classic characters.

keegan michael key dancing GIF by Sesame Street

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