Like so many moms and dads who don’t get out of the house a whole lot, my husband and I rely on Netflix to provide us with entertainment that can be enjoyed from our couch. While we find common ground when it comes to masterpieces like Game of Thrones or Westworld, our differing tastes sometimes make it tough to agree on a new show or movie to watch together. Themes like sports and crime pull my husband in, while I appreciate a good romance or comedy, particularly stand up specials (check out this previous post all about some of my fave stand up comedians). For whatever reason though, we come together in our love of an intriguing true story. We’re really into documentaries right now, here are our current favourites:

Murder Mountain: This is a story that we cannot believe is true. It’s the tale of the outlaw culture that prevails in Humboldt County, California, where most of America’s marijuana supply is grown. The series’ beautiful cinematography contrasts strongly with its dark subject matter: a real life murder mystery that centres around the shockingly harsh reality faced by those who make their living growing marijuana in an essentially lawless area of Northern California.

Valley Uprising: Like a couple of others on this list, Valley Uprising initially seemed more in line with my husband’s taste in entertainment than mine. This one delves into the history of rock climbing in Yellowstone National Park. Climber culture there was born out of the hippie movement of the 1960s. Pioneering climbers sought peace, beauty, and escape from a society that they did not feel represented their values. These free spirits spent their days enjoying Yellowstone’s stunning landscapes, connecting with the natural world around them by attempting to scale the park’s steepest, harshest mountains. My husband was impressed with the intense athleticism depicted in the film, but I was equally drawn in by the non-conformist, nature-loving characters’ incredible stories of courage and adventure.

Behind the Curve: Whether the message coming from the flat earth community resonates with you, frightens you, or fascinates you, Behind the Curve will better your understanding of why this strange conspiracy theory is actually gaining in popularity. The characters in this one are surprisingly charming, most of them candidly admitting that prior to finding the flat earth movement, they struggled to feel comfortable and accepted in society. Even my super science-y, flat earther fearing husband watched this movie with interest. He and I both did our best to understand the perspective of these individuals, who look past scientific evidence and use their time and energy to spread the flat earth gospel.

Fight World: Based on its title alone, I decided that this series wasn’t going to before me; however, at about the 2 minute mark of the first episode, I realized that the premise of Fight World is super inspirational. Energetic ex-fighter, Frank Grillo is host of this series that gives audiences a glimpse into what certain fighting styles mean to certain cultures around the world. Frank travels to Thailand, Mexico, and several other countries to chat with fighters about the positive, sometimes life changing, effects that sports like muay thai and boxing have had on people who practice them. It was truly moving to hear Grillo interview regular folks, kids, women, prisoners, who insist that they were saved by the discipline and pride they gained through the process of learning to fight.

Losers: Another sports-centric series, Losers, shares a message of perseverance that inspired both me and my husband. Each episode focuses on an athlete who suffered defeat and then turned their devastation into motivation and eventual success. From abuse and discrimination to near death experiences, the hardships that these characters have overcome are intense and impressive.

We might not be able to go out for dinner and/or a movie very much anymore, but we are able to watch shows and movies that we both like because of the wonderful invention that is Netflix. I’m not sure what parents did in the pre-streaming days, I’m just grateful that we live in this beautiful age of awesome, unlimited entertainment!

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