I learned about Paul Selig through his appearances on some of my favourite podcasts. He is a spiritual channel, a vehicle for sharing powerful words of love that come to him from other-worldly sources. To be clear, I am new to Selig’s work and have only beginner level knowledge of spiritual channeling. What I know for sure though, is that I was totally intrigued the first time I heard him engaging with the spiritual entities that he calls his “guides”. The more I listen to Selig, the more I want to know about the guides and the messages coming from them. I’m not sure how to accurately describe what he looks and sounds like when he is channeling, so please watch this clip of him on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast:

Watching Paul channel is pretty intense. I’m moved by the inspiring words that the guides are sharing; they seem to be very interested in letting humans know that personal and global harmony is possible. Selig has “dictated” 7 books, claiming that his writing process involves little more than sitting in a chair and listening to what his guides have to say. His very dense, lengthy works take just weeks to complete, a feat he attributes to giving himself completely over to the beings that speak through him; he describes this in a recent interview on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. His last book, The Book of Freedom, focused, in part, on the joy that can be attained through love, service, and releasing of fear.

Lately, I’m feeling drawn to content that promotes kindness, happiness, and curiosity about the weird, wonderful mysteries of life. Maybe I’m into these themes because being a mom has helped me realize that the world is actually kind of magical, and it feels really good to be able see that through the abundance of depressing stuff we’re all exposed to each day. People like Paul Selig, and anyone else committed to spreading love and helping humanity, make me feel good about my kid’s future. I don’t think a true belief in channeling is necessary in order to appreciate Selig’s efforts to make the world a more peaceful place.

peace sign GIF

“only the one who sings the high note can lift other things to the resonance of that sound….you will not lift the atrocity, the battlefield, the hatred, the prejudice, the famine, the war, and the greed by climbing in to the mire of it and attacking it with a knife, you will not find your way out” – Paul Selig, The Book of Freedom

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