Bringing Magic into the New Year!

I am not someone who gets super into celebrating new years. I can’t remember feeling particularly excited about any new year’s eve past and I don’t think I’ve ever even made a meaningful resolution, but the hype surrounding this shiny fresh decade has totally grabbed me. Our little family faced some tough stuff in 2019, and while I’m not so naive as to believe that 2020 will be free of challenges and negativity, I am making a commitment to work through any and all upcoming obstacles as calmly and thoughtfully as possible.

We hear sooo much talk about the importance of self care, the happiness and health benefits of making time for friends, hobbies, dates…but how internet?? How does your average toddler parent with a full time job find space in their life for significant self care? I am just now, over 2 years into parenthood, starting to work seriously on answering those questions. I’ve formulated some thoughts and dabbled with putting them into practice, but I am ready to get serious. 2020 will be the year of attentively listening when my son laughs, of showing real appreciation to those I love, of welcoming opportunities to serve my students and community, of observing and enjoying the magic of life.

So fair warning friends and followers, I see lots of positive posts on my social media horizon. My self care got real sloppy in the weeks leading up to this holiday break; yoga friends started asking where I was, meditation consisted of just trying to calm my mind for sleep, time for hobbies disappeared, but no more! I will be making a stronger effort, from this day forward, to breathe and move, to pause and pay attention, to notice the beauty and love that surrounds me everyday…and I want to share this experience with you. Let’s do this 2020!