Keep Your Strength Up with Meals from These Awesome Online Foodies

For most of us, it currently feels like a never ending worry stream is running through our brains, getting bigger and stronger with every corona virus filled day that passes. Everyone seems to be finding their own coping mechanisms, but one thing we all should be doing right now is taking a moment for our mental and physical health. Personally, I’m working on my meditation and yoga practices, and trying to grow my cooking confidence so I can better stuff vitamin rich food into my family. The following sites are motivating me to get in the kitchen and create, even on the blah-est of self isolation days:

Forks Over Knives: These guys have been sharing pretty relevant food info over the last couple of weeks, including posts about quarantine must haves and meals that can be made with pantry items. Recipes here are plant-based so if you need some colourful, vitamin packed meals your in your life, this is the place for you.

Peas and Crayons: This is almost always the first place I go when I’m seeking food inspo. Recipes are all vegetarian and include plenty of sandwiches, pasta, and other carby treats. They have inspired me to try tons of new recipes, including one for sweet potato burgers that we love.

They turned out soooo yummy 😋

Running on Real Food: Whether you follow a vegan diet or are just trying to add more veggie based items to your recipe rotation, this site is worth a visit. Creator, Deryn, also has a gorgeous Insta, that includes yummy food photos and stories centred around health and fitness.

Plant Based on a Budget: As the site’s name suggests, this is a perfect place to visit for anyone interested in eating more vegetables but not in spending all the money on pricy produce. Recipes are great for novice cooks and will make your wallet and body happy!

Giada Di Laurentis: Giada is a Food Network legend with a passion for Italian cuisine. Recently, she has been posting videos of her mother, who is currently living through lockdown in Italy. Giada’s Insta is inspiring, her website is stunning and her recipes are totally manageable. While Giada shares plenty of comforting pasta and pizza recipes, her site also includes a “healthy” and “gluten-free” section. These beautiful granola bars are next on my to-make list:

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